Once the stately „Rheintalhaus“ served as a bakery and as a hand embroidery before it was opened in 1875 by Andreas Sperger as a rural inn.


Half a year later, my great-great-grandfather Gebhard Sperger and his wife Maria took over the business from his brother. Even then, the "Krönele" consisted of a dining room, an adjoining room, 3 guest rooms and a guest garden.

As can be seen from the guestbook of 1891 at that time, it was mainly peddlers, agents, soap boilers and coopers who were fed and accommodated with us.


In the course of 5 generations, it was the daughters - Rosa Waibel, Anna Riedmann, Wilma Fink and Ulrike Fink - who took over the inn, proved their cooking skills and raised the „Krönele“ to a 4 star house.


Between 1954 and 1986 our house was extended, renovated and renewed in various stages of construction.


In 2007 we built a spacious, bright entrance area, 42 additional comfort rooms, an underground car park with almost 60 parking spaces, a large separate breakfast room and a seminar room with the latest technology.

Environmentally conscious, we receive the energy from solar cells and geothermal energy.


In 2019 we separated the „Eslach-Stüble“ from the large hall.

We hope you feel as comfortable at the "Krönele" as we do and wish you a nice stay!


Ulrike Fink
and the Krönele Team