The story of our inn
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Renovation of Gasthof Krönele

It was in 1875 when Andreas Sperger turned the opulent Rheintalhaus, a former bakery and hand embroidery establishment, into a country inn.  Half a year later, my great-great grandfather, Gebhard Sperger, and his wife Maria took over the inn from his brother.  Then, it consisted of a bar parlour, an adjoining room, 3 guest rooms and an open-air restaurant.

The 1891 visitor log book reveals that in those days, we mainly catered for and accommodated pedlars, representatives, soap boilers and coopers.

The hotel has been passed down through five generations and always been run by the daughters: Rosa Waibel, Anna Riedmann, Wilma Fink and Ulrike Fink.  It is owing to them and their culinary skills that the Krönele is the 4-star hotel it is today.

In 1954, the old Krönele was expanded by 6 guestrooms and 2 parlours.  A new kitchen, sanitary facilities, an office and a meeting room were added in the course of the 1960s.

Today's kitchen, a small saloon, the "Rhinstüble", the reception, new toilet facilities and an additional 3 guestrooms were built in 1982.

During this construction phase, we had to close our hotel for 8 months.  In order not to lose our guests and employees, we rented the Bräuhaus restaurant.

In 1986, the small saloon grew into a hall.  A large hall, sauna facilities, a meeting room and an additional 25 comfort rooms made the Krönele shine in new splendour.

Although the Krönele has grown into an international hotel, we still lovingly call it "Gasthof Krönele" (Krönele guesthouse).

A new reception in a large and bright entrance area, a seminar room equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a meeting room, a large, separate breakfast room, a modern hall with an expanded lobby, an underground car park with almost 60 parking spaces and an additional 42 cosy comfort rooms were built in 2007.

The outdoor area has been modified accordingly.  Besides, we have enhanced the security system to guarantee our guests and employees optimum safety.  Energy is provided in an environmentally conscious way by solar cells and geothermal heating.

We are grateful that this year of construction went by without complications, thankful for all the good and heartfelt wishes we received from the population, our friends and guests.  We are grateful for the workers who completed their job with diligence and vigour, thankful for our loyal employees who, without any second thoughts, endured this year for and with us.


- Ulrike Fink